George Whipple has always been interested in the rich history of Putnam County. A

lifelong resident, he is a passionate conservationist dedicated to preserving land and wildlife near

his ancestral home in Kent, NY (which is daughter is fourth generation to live there).

In 1999, Whipple founded The Society for the Preservation of Putnam County

Antiquities and Greenways, also known as Preserve Putnam County (PPC), a not-for-profit

educational organization established to foster conservation in the county.

In its first year, in collaboration with Putnam County, PPC designed and developed the

Laura Spain Cornerstone Park, a public park in the middle of the Hamlet of Carmel, NY. The

property transformed a former gas service station into a green space and conference center. A

Memorial honoring county residents, who died in the 9/11 attacks, and those who participated in

the rescue and recovery efforts, was established in a corner of the park’s green space.

When the Red Mills Baptist Church (c. 1832) in Mahopac, NY was going to be

demolished in 1999 due to structural issues, Whipple stepped in and had the historic building

dismantled and put into storage. In 2006, the chapel was recreated and rebuilt as the non-

denominational Whipple-Feely Chapel in the county park. It is named in honor of late Putnam

County veterans Capt. George Carroll Whipple, Jr. and Sgt. Robert Stanton Feeley, and was

gifted in recognition of all Putnam County Veterans.

Since the 19 th  century, the historic Tilly Foster Farm in Brewster, NY has been a beacon

for Putnam County’s rich farming heritage and verdant pastures. To bring this Hudson Valley

gem back to life, PPC took over the lease in 1999 to restore its operation as a working farm. It

opened to the public by showcasing rare and endangered farm animals. PPC’s five-year

stewardship of Tilly Foster also inspired ‘Tilly’s Table,’ a farm-to-table restaurant. Today, Tilly

Foster Farm & Educational Institute is run by the Putnam County Government. It is a premier

destination for culinary arts, natural beauty and historic attractions.

Mr. Whipple has received the Gold Medal for Civic Responsibility from the Sons of the

American Revolution, in addition to awards from the Putnam County Chamber of Commerce,

The Putnam County Courier and the Hudson Valley Association.