Celebrities and fans may know him as the ‘EyebroWS Man,’ yet George Whipple wears many hats: as a journalist, employment lawyer, philanthropist and even a farmer. He’s a New York icon — an Ivy League-educated renowned employment attorney by day, and tenacious, beloved society reporter hitting the hottest red carpets by night. A true Renaissance man, Mr. Whipple also cares deeply about preserving the past. He is dedicated to safeguarding areas in Putnam County, NY through his philanthropic contributions to civic, environmental and historic preservation movements.

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‘i love the practice of law. but at the end of a long day, i can be exhausted…then i become refreshed by this. it’s the social life of new york city. people at the top of their game. it’s all very exciting, and magic, and stimulating.’

-George Whipple, to New York Times Reporter, Elisabeth Bumiller